Sunday, December 27, 2009

Earn Money By Using Pay To Click Sites

You don't like to write, but you still want to earn some extra money. Then their is a solution. Use Pay To Click sites to earn extra cash, they actually give money away. Pay to click sites or PTC sites are websites where you could earn money by clicking on links. You'll receive 0.01$ for each link you have clicked on. That isn't a lot, but the secret of earning money with these kinds of websites is reffering other people. For each refferal click you'll receive 0.01$. For example if you have reffered 20 people and they click each day all the links(max 5 links a day), you will earn 1$ a day which makes around 30$ a month for doing nothing.

Be aware there are a lot of SCAM sites and I suggest to use only this one called NeoBux.

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  1. This is quite easy to do and a nice network helps if you go on extending with your network and the referrals are added ... your earning increases automatically.

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