Sunday, December 27, 2009

Earn Money By Using Pay To Click Sites

You don't like to write, but you still want to earn some extra money. Then their is a solution. Use Pay To Click sites to earn extra cash, they actually give money away. Pay to click sites or PTC sites are websites where you could earn money by clicking on links. You'll receive 0.01$ for each link you have clicked on. That isn't a lot, but the secret of earning money with these kinds of websites is reffering other people. For each refferal click you'll receive 0.01$. For example if you have reffered 20 people and they click each day all the links(max 5 links a day), you will earn 1$ a day which makes around 30$ a month for doing nothing.

Be aware there are a lot of SCAM sites and I suggest to use only this one called NeoBux.

PayDotCom Write And Earn Money Online

PayDotCom Write And Earn Money Online
At first I only earned money by getting adsense clicks on my blog. I wasn't very satisfied because the clicks I received were few and not lucrative enough. I tried to find an alternative and I stumbled upon PayDotCom.

PayDotCom is a website where you could earn great amounts of money compared to adsense or amazon. There are two ways to earn money on PayDotCom. You can create your own product and sell it or you could promote products and receive a commission.

The difference between other programs to earn money is that you receive around 75 % for any sale you make. I didn't believed this first but once I made my first sale I earned like 20$. All I did was making a small blogger blog and promote a product. However don't think that you'll earn money with each product out there. There is a lot of competition and you'll need to get some quality traffic to make a sale. Try it out and register here

How Teens Make Money Online Introduction

How Teens Make Money Online

There are several kinds of ways to earn money online. Everybody is capable to earn money online. All you need is motivation and the desire to earn money. If you want to earn money online, you will earn it. However you'll need to work for it like any kind of job. I began to earn money online as a teen, it was hard. I didn't know where to begin, but thanks to some forums and blogs I manged to earn my first dollar.

The first dollar that I earned online gave me a great feeling. It didn't matter to me that it was only one dollar. It gave me hope to earn more money. Explore my humble blog and find out how teens make money online.